3 Little-Known Secrets of Promoting Your Brands in Singapore without Spending Any Dollar

Brands in Singapore

As a webpreneur in Singapore, you’re aware of some realities. Any success in business whether online or offline stands on marketing. Your marketing efforts determine your sales level. The ability to shed light to your prospects about your products or services is the determiner of how many customers you will receive. But one thing is clear.

Marketing is not a cheap affair. Drawing customers to your e-commerce website and securing a sale is a hard tackle. You need to have well-defined marketing strategies and invest huge amount. However, for startups shoestring budget is a major setback.  Despite this, marketing is a must-do act. No sales without marketing. Fortunately, it is not a must you spend your bucks to drive sales. Here are 3 secrets to promoting your brand without spending a dollar:

Marketing through social media

Certainly, you are on the top ranking social platforms. Also, you are a member of various groups where you have rights to post and comment. Your social profile has followers and friends. As a wise webpreneur, you have an opportunity of turning this groups into selling points. Also, you have the chance of converting your followers in to customers. Posting links and information about your products on social media allows you to promote your brands. Social media provides you with an opportunity to use a social approach in reaching out to your potential customers. This way, you can harness your brand awareness and sales level.

Engage in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way of driving sales. Here, you engage top bloggers and online influencers. You give them an opportunity to recommend your product to their followers. In return, you offer them a commission. This option is a good way as you only pay the commission when the customer buys using the affiliate marketer’s link. Also, you pay when the activity is done. So, it is a suitable option for marketing your products without investing huge dollars.

Optimize your site for the search engine

According to online experts, organic traffic forms the largest part of online sales. People getting to your e-commerce website through a web search means they have an interest in your offers. Also, your position in the search engine determines your sales level. You do not need to invest huge dollars in optimizing your site for the search engines. You can do it without spending a coin. The good thing about this option is that you continue reaping from it in the long run.