Avoid These 3 Killer Mistakes When Choosing An E-Commerce Platform In Singapore.

E-Commerce Platform In Singapore.

Imagine establishing a huge online business. You invest a lot of cash in web designing and customization. You concentrate on marketing your site and products. But the reality hits on you. Your sales levels are stagnant. No conversion rates on your website. Visitors bouncing rate is beyond your expectation. You are losing your search engine optimization position. Almost everything in your business is on the mess. You are wondering what might be wrong. Probably, your mistakes during the e-commerce platform selection process might be the devil eating up your business. As you take a new turn – moving to a new one, here are the top 3 killer mistakes you should avoid:

Ignoring integration

Well, like any other system, online business does not operate in isolation. For you to succeed in the virtual arena, you must integrate your website with other solutions. For instance, your site needs to have an opportunity for payment gateways integrations. Your customers need to find their preferred payment option. If your e-commerce website only supports the in-built payment processing functionality, you will have difficulties in driving sales. In this essence, check your preferred e-commerce platform to ensure it offers integration opportunities. A reliable platform should have the capability to support current and future integrations.  Ignoring this aspect will lead to a crisis in your business.

Not paying attention to scalability

Your desire is selling online. For this reason, any e-commerce solution is a good idea. If this is your thinking, you are in the wrong direction. Failing to consider scalability as one of the features in your platform means that web crashes will be a norm. Your customers will have difficulties in reaching out to you at any time.

Due to this, your sales level will decline.   As a webpreneur in Singapore, you need to pay attention to the scalability aspect. Your site must be scalable. This means it will scale with changes in traffic levels without affecting other functionalities on your e-commerce website. By this, you will enjoy a stable online presence without cases of web crashes leading to more sales.

Giving a blind eye to customer experience

As a customer, you will always visit sites that you enjoy navigating. You cannot go back to an online or offline store where you received the worst treatment. Giving a blind eye to your customer experience can be the worst error during your e-commerce platform selection. Hence, pay attention to your customer experience if you’re looking on to harnessing your online sales.